Sunday, November 21, 2010

Matt Carpenter Minor League Player of the Year

I am about 9 days behind this release and getting an interview done with Matt but just wanted to put in a Big Congrats here. Matt received the Cardinals Organization Minor League Player of the Year award for the 2010 season. Since then he has been a very busy guy with interviews and whatnot but I promise to have my interview with him posted here as soon as I get it done. Hopefully this week if our schedules mesh. Until then, it's back to work.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Has it really been two years?

I had almost forgot this thing even existed. Who blogs anymore anyway? Well I I guess I do, again, and I'll try to do better this time. I may have to find some new columnists but I'll try and tie it all together. All of that and I still haven't said a word about baseball. How about a great baseball book. I just finished and highly recommend The Bullpen Gospels by Dirk Hayhurst. It truly is the best baseball book I have ever read. Beside that I just started reading The Baseball Codes by Jason Turbow, but I just started, so no book review yet.

Our Springfield Cardinals have won their past two against Tulsa and have been a +500 ball club pretty much all year and are sitting at 60-52 tonight.

The Memphis Redbirds are also having a good season 62-53 but lost today to the Las Vegas 51's.

And last but of course not least, The Big Birds are 61-49 and 1.5 games out of first. They lost today in 10 after taking the lead in the 9th. Westbrook was the starting pitcher and tied a career record 9 strike outs. Franklin pitched the 9th and 10th and was the losing pitcher in the end.

That's all for now, I'll try to write a bit more often than every two years now...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Catching it...

All I have to say about last nights game is " Yadi freakin' rocks my socks"  That play he had is one that catchers sometimes only Dream about making!! But when it happens, holy crap, that feeling he had afterwards was probably one of the greatest feelings he will ever have (baseball wise).... Who else, besides catchers, can make a play like that on their knees!  *dramatic pause*  ok, maybe that was only amusing in my own head. Anyhow, last night is the reason why Molina is going to be one of the greatest catchers in mlb history. (to me anyways)


Saturday, April 12, 2008

This Week in Cardinal History

Well I must say, when Keeton has a good idea I try to comply as quickly as possible. So this is the first installment of, "This Week in Cardinal History." An quick look of our glorious past, that very well could give incite to our lustrous future.

The year was 1942, the United States was getting into WWII. The likelihood of losing players to the war was good. The Cardinals were set to open up the season officially against Chicago, April 14th, on the road. First, however, they were set to play a couple of exhibition games against the St. Louis Browns. It's sad. I have looked quite hard, I know the games were played, but no one seems to have an account of them. That is an account posted somewhere online. However the most interesting piece of news that week took place on April 11th, when multiple newspapers across the nation, not just in St. Louis named rookie Stan "the Man" Musial the most promising player of the year. I'll say he was promising, hitting .315 with 10 home runs. With the help of Enos Slaughter winning the pennett for the cardinals, oh and just 106 games along the way.

That, however, is another bit of rowdiness for another day.

Saturday Morn...

Waking up this morning and noticing that I have 20 minutes free time before I go to work is thrilling!! Not because I get to eat breakfast or watch TV for once, but because I FINALLY get to blog about our Cardinals!! Though, since in the last two weeks I've gone through surgery, worked and realized that I don't get the Fox Midwest channel.... and I luckly get updates from ACE at work... my blog today isn't going to be a very detailed writing on the game yesterday. But hey, I do know that they won over the Giants and Albert finally has found his stance again....*yeah!*
So now as I look outside and groan over the snow falling (in freakin' APRIL, mind you).... I see that I have ran outta time once again.  Maybe today I will actually get to watch the Boys at BW3's if Ace and Keeton go. Course, with my luck, they won't want to go today then I will be dragging myself home to watch something stupid on tv instead.... like 'The Girls Next Door' or Big Brother.... *sigh* 

Friday, April 11, 2008

Springfield gets the win

That's right ladies & gentlemen... the Springfield Cardinals have logged their first win for the 2008 season! Last night, the Cards blew the Frisco RoughRiders out of the water with a final score of 12-5 on the Riders' turf in Frisco, TX.
The Cards started the game off early in the first inning with Bryan Anderson scoring the first run of the game, but Frisco answered back with three runs in the bottom of the second. Springfield tied the Riders in the fourth, bringing the score to 3-3.
The sixth inning was when the Cards really locked in the win, pulling ahead with three more runs, only allowing Frisco two more runs in the bottom of the sixth. Then, Mark Hamilton with a grand slam in the top of the eighth inning! With a count of 0-1 and no outs, Hamilton sends a line drive down the right field line, bringing the score to 10-5. After locking in two more runs in the top of ninth, our boys put that final nail in the RoughRiders coffin and sent them home for the night.
Let's just hope they can keep up the wins tonight as we take on Frisco for game two of this series. Right now its the middle of the third with a score of 0-0.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Trading scores for the first two in Houston

After our second game in Houston, we're 1 and 1 with a 3-5 loss on Monday and a 5-3 win on Tuesday. Two people worthy of mention are Reyes, for his three awesome innings thrown as a relief and Glaus for hitting a two out, two run double to bring the score to 5-3 in the eighth. Isringhausen came in to pitch a flawless ninth inning to seal the deal for us. This now leaves us with a record of 6 and 2, second in wins only to Arizona, but they already played today, so they don't really count. Looper is on the mound tonight at the end of the first, two to zip against the last game against Houston to finish up our three game series. God I love this time of year :) More to come later.....

Also, I have all of the links to all of our farm teams now in case you want to see our garden grow!